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Angela Salerno


Angela Salerno is a certified registered nurse anesthetist. She has had a passion for medicine since she was a little girl, staying awake late to watch medical shows with her mom. Angela graduated high school and began college less than a week later at Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho. She graduated from Ricks College with an associate’s degree in nursing and a minor in science.

After graduation, Angie then began her career as a Registered Nurse working in the operating room where she quickly fell in love with surgery and being involved in surgical procedures. She then continued to work as a Registered Nurse and attended Idaho State University where she graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Angela continued to work as Registered Nurse in the operating room. While working in the OR she met some great anesthesia providers and yearned to follow in their footsteps. This brought her to start working as an Intensive Care Nurse for 7 years before she returned to Anesthesia school. Angela has been a certified registered nurse for 10 years and is a highly skilled anesthesia provider, who has worked in multiple facilities throughout the valley.

So why Aesthetics?

Angela continues to work as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and loves providing anesthesia. She strives to be the best at what she does and works hard to keep her patients safe and comfortable. Being an anesthesia provider as well as a former operating room nurse has allowed Angela to spend a lot of time participating in the plastics and beauty industry. She has always been interested in the aging process and the treatments that can be done to help you grow old gracefully. As she herself began receiving treatments to combat the ageing process she became interested in being able to provide these treatments to her friends, family and colleagues. This brought her to take multiple classes and trainings to become certified in providing aesthetic care. Angela brings a unique set of skills to the aesthetic industry and is excited to help you feel as young and Royale on the outside as you do on the inside.


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