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Charles Ivester

Owner/Practitioner/Medical Director

Dr. Charles Ivester has had a longstanding interest in procedural medicine. After High School Dr. Ivester followed his Father’s footsteps, joining the Air Force where he functioned primarily as a flight medic and paramedic. When not flying, he worked in the emergency room suturing cuts and lacerations, a procedure done by specially trained medics in the military, where he gained a wealth of plastic surgery skills. Dr. Ivester, while in the Air Force reserves, completed undergraduate education in biology and chemistry at Presbyterian College in South Carolina, graduating Cum Laude.

After graduating, he then proceeded to the Medical University of South Carolina on a full scholarship, where he received both a Doctor of Medicine and a Doctor of Philosophy in Physiology, and published several peer reviewed medical papers, as a Medical and PhD Student. He practiced medicine for several years in California where he started a dozen hospital medicine programs at the beginning of the Hospitalist movement.

Dr. Ivester went on to publish many more medical journal articles while at the University of Colorado, and during that time, served 3 boots on the ground deployments during the Iraq and Afghan wars as a critical care doctor in the Army. Doctor Ivester loved serving the men and women in the military, but after 18 years decided he needed to leave the military behind to spend more time with his kids. Dr. Ivester decided to switch gears again, and left academics after publishing over a dozen novel scientific papers. He traveled to Utah where he has been practicing medicine as a board-certified physician in the specialties of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Internal Medicine and Sleep medicine.

So why Aesthetics?

While Dr. Ivester still practices full time medicine treating the most critically ill patients in the ICU with the most advanced life-saving techniques available, he has always had interests outside of traditional medicine. That may explain why Dr. Ivester obtained a PhD while completing his Medical Degree, or why he is an Airline Transport Rated pilot, having flown over 3500 hours, in 31 different aircraft from trainers to Jets. Dr. Ivester became interested in aesthetics as well as some aspects of functional and integrative medicine as he noticed the natural effects of aging not only within himself, but on friends, family, and colleagues. While aging should be celebrated, it is not uncommon that the real person inside does not match up to how the body feels, performs, and looks. Being 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 years old does not mean that we must look or feel our chronological age. Aesthetics, and to some degree, functional and integrative medicine can help us look and feel on the outside just as young as we feel on the inside. Dr. Ivester enjoys combining his surgical and procedural skills, with his knowledge of anatomy and physiology, to help people look and feel on the outside, as youthful as they feel on the inside. Dr. Ivester has undergone formal specialized training in in Aesthetics, and minimally invasive and non-excisional cosmetic surgery. Aesthetics, when done properly, is safe, effective, and gives immediate and long-lasting results. Dr. Ivester has performed thousands of injections and procedures and specializes in the more complex aspects of aesthetic medicine, integrating multiple non-invasive and minimally invasive approaches into obtaining desired outcomes. Dr. Ivester is the medical director, and an active practitioner at Royale and is involved in the day-to-day training and supervision of the dedicated medical artists at Royale Aesthetics and Beauty.


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